Got Balls?

People who know me tend to make fun of my general inability to coordinate my body movements without bumping into the random door frame, table or simply tripping over carpet. Hand-Eye coordination is another matter, entirely. Games where I am supposed to hit a ball with a racket or bat usually end in disappointment. Throwing things at me and expecting me to catch them: Not a good idea, either. But I’m trying the better myself. And because I don’t want to ruin my furniture in my effort of trying to learn how to juggle, I crocheted three balls in different […]

Landscape in Winter

Standard sized beanie. The colors represent the snow and the evergreen firs and spruces I see when looking out of my window. It was crocheted using a 6mm (J in US) hook and the official “myboshi” beanie wool in the colors 123 emerald and 191 white. Half-Double crochet all the way and one round of slip stitches to finish it. How do you like it?

Apples and Oranges..

Sort of my inspiration for this beanie. It’s a little longer than my head so it droops on the back of my head. It was crocheted using a 6mm (J in US) hook and the official “myboshi” beanie wool in the colors 131 orange and 134 chili red. I’m not really one to follow instructions, so I just eyeballed the measurements and used half double crochet stitches.

I was bored…

At the beginning of 2013 I was finally cast-free but still couldn’t use my arm for much. I somehow had to regain function and crocheting seemed like a good idea. I crocheted for the last time when I was still in Elementary school, so my skills were a little rusty. Mum bought two very large balls of wool and so I just started crocheting again. Since temperature was promised to drop, I made some winter accessories. 100% acrylic wool, 4ply or 450m/100g. Colors: forest green and steel gray. I alternated between a size 10mm (N/P in US) and a size […]