How to make Curd Soap: Part 3 and Recipes

Hi gals (and guys)! This blog post will give you a couple of tipps on what do to with curd soap, which I’ve shown you how to make in this post. How to mold and cut Curd Soap:       Recipes: I’ve collected a couple of recipes on what to use curd soap for.. I’ll tried them and really like them. So I’ll share them with you! Liquid Laundry Detergent about 1 litre of destilled water, boiling 80g grated curd soap 50g washing soda Dissolve soda and soap in boiling water. Let it cool down and fill into bottle […]

How to make Curd Soap: Part 1&2

Hi gals (and guys)! I made a little video series explaining and showing how to make curd soap, or “Kernseife”, as we Germans call it. It’s a great staple to be able to make, as a soaper because you can use it in a wide variety of cleaning products. I’ll post a couple of recipes and examples of how to use curd soap in my next blog post. This one shows you the two different ways on how to make curd soap. Either from rebatch soap or from scratch. Curd Soap from Rebatch Soap:     What you’ll need for […]

Soaping Experiments: Shampoo Bars with ACV

ACV being Apple Cider Vinegar. I’ve read on a couple of Facebook Groups about fellow soapers making shampoo soap with apple cider vinegar as the entire or part of the liquid. So I tried that out! My base oils in my crockpot. I used coconut, lard, castor and olive. At full trace with 100% lye in 50% liquid (distilled water) Superfatted with hemp seed oil, another 50% liquid (ACV) and some stickblending to get it to a smooth consistency. And after it had cooled down a bit, I added my EO blend of rosemary, juniper berry and peppermint. It helps […]

Craft Fair(y) 2013

The craft fair weekend has come and gone. It all started with getting my soaps and decorations into our historic town hall. I had put all of the soaps into one laundry basket. Which made said laundry basket too heavy for one person to carry. Even with my mum helping it still was really heavy. Decorating my booth didn’t take very long and the result was quite amazing, considering that I’m usually the one who finds decorating stuff cringe-worthy. Without further ado,  here are a couple of pictures! (And please ignore those horrid water color pictures.. they belong to the […]

Soaping: Some of my soaps for the craft fair

I started soaping again just for family.. But my father suggested that I should show my “art” at a local crafts fair. So that’s what I’ll be doing next week! More Info about the event itself here: But back to the soaps. Some of the pictures are awful, because of bad lighting. Usually I would use my daylight lamp for this, but my father stole it and it is now … I don’t know where the heck it is.. So bear with me. :) Some embeds for my apple/cinnamon soap. Used an apple-shaped ice cube tray for these. I […]

Hot Process: Unisex Shaving Soap

I bought a Crockpot on Amazon last week and it finally arrived (all the way from the UK), so I figured it would be a good time to take it out for a spin. :) In the same shipment I received two packages of freezer paper (it’s plastic coated on one side but can be folded like regular paper), since using baking paper didn’t work for me. This is my Crocky, I think it’s very stylish and fits nicely into my kitchen. Maybe I should buy another stoneware insert, so I can actually use it for cooking food. :D I […]

Something to lather the stress away

If you’re a little like me, you will probably enjoy this soap as much as I will. Until recently, I’ve exclusively been using the bathtub in my parents’ bathroom. Common side effect: dry skin, because of all the hot water. And bathing (for me, at least) means that the entire body is supposed to be submerged in water, which results in a lot of waste water. So I’ve started showering. Bought a lot of different showering gels but still haven’t found one that is moisturizing for the skin AND soothes your entire being by releasing relaxing essential oils. While surfing […]

My first Soap in Years!

I’m currently looking for a new (local) employer, so I have a lot of downtime that I can use to get creative. Cooking and Blogging is one thing, but I always had a bit of a DIY streak. That includes a variety of areas and always occurs in phases. This time it’s soaping. I first got into making my own soaps a couple of years ago when I lived in Nuremberg. Since I was new to the city and didn’t know a lot of people outside of work, I started to delve into things that I could do on my […]