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Einladungskarte für einen runden Geburtstag/Birthday Party Invite

(English below pictures) Meine Familie ist keine, die großartige Parties feiert. Und Einladungen erfolgen auch meist telefonisch und eigentlich nicht mit extra gestalteten Einladungskarten. Da mein Vater aber dieses Jahr seinen 70. Geburtstag feiert und dieser ausnahmsweise mal im etwas größeren Kreis gefeiert wird, bekam ich den Auftrag Einladungskarten zu basteln. Was mich ein wenig in Bedrängnis brachte, da Stampin Up zur Zeit keinen deutschsprachigen “Einladung”sstempel im Sortiment hat. Wenigstens konnte mir hier der örtliche Bastelladen weiterhelfen. Hier also die Einladungskarten. Für die eigentliche Karte habe ich Stampin Up Papiere verwendet. Das Inlay ist mit Laserdrucker bedrucktes Transparentpapier aus dem […]

How to make Curd Soap: Part 3 and Recipes

Hi gals (and guys)! This blog post will give you a couple of tipps on what do to with curd soap, which I’ve shown you how to make in this post. How to mold and cut Curd Soap:       Recipes: I’ve collected a couple of recipes on what to use curd soap for.. I’ll tried them and really like them. So I’ll share them with you! Liquid Laundry Detergent about 1 litre of destilled water, boiling 80g grated curd soap 50g washing soda Dissolve soda and soap in boiling water. Let it cool down and fill into bottle […]

How to make Curd Soap: Part 1&2

Hi gals (and guys)! I made a little video series explaining and showing how to make curd soap, or “Kernseife”, as we Germans call it. It’s a great staple to be able to make, as a soaper because you can use it in a wide variety of cleaning products. I’ll post a couple of recipes and examples of how to use curd soap in my next blog post. This one shows you the two different ways on how to make curd soap. Either from rebatch soap or from scratch. Curd Soap from Rebatch Soap:     What you’ll need for […]

Do it yourself: Stamp Cleaner

Hi Stampers! Today I’ll share a recipe on stamp cleaner. As you might well know, companies sell the stuff in tiny bottles and the 8oz refills cost ridiculous amounts of money. This substitute is simple to make and goes easy on your wallet. Which is a good thing, cause then you can buy more stamps! :D This cleaner only works for water-based inks. So keep that in mind. My recipe equals 200ml, which -for you imperialists out there – is roughly the same as 6.7 fl oz. Use a bottle that has a tight-fitting cap, so none of the cleaner […]