Craft Fair(y) 2013

The craft fair weekend has come and gone. It all started with getting my soaps and decorations into our historic town hall. I had put all of the soaps into one laundry basket. Which made said laundry basket too heavy for one person to carry. Even with my mum helping it still was really heavy.

Decorating my booth didn’t take very long and the result was quite amazing, considering that I’m usually the one who finds decorating stuff cringe-worthy. Without further ado,  here are a couple of pictures! (And please ignore those horrid water color pictures.. they belong to the booth next to me)

DSC01235 DSC01239 DSC01238 DSC01237 DSC01236

And a couple of close-ups for my X-mas-themed soaps. Funnily enough, those didn’t sell as well as I’d anticipated.

DSC01247 DSC01246

scented with spearmint EO.. Made it to resemble candy canes. :)


The white-ish part is scented with Lebkuchen FO, the dark part colored with cocoa powder and scented with hot cocoa FO.

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