Soaping: Some of my soaps for the craft fair

I started soaping again just for family.. But my father suggested that I should show my “art” at a local crafts fair. So that’s what I’ll be doing next week!

More Info about the event itself here:

But back to the soaps. Some of the pictures are awful, because of bad lighting. Usually I would use my daylight lamp for this, but my father stole it and it is now … I don’t know where the heck it is.. So bear with me. :)

Some embeds for my apple/cinnamon soap. Used an apple-shaped ice cube tray for these. I used high quality soy-free M&P for these.


My chocolate lebkuchen soap. still in the mold. Cutting it proved to be a bit of a challenge. Maybe I should’ve put those decorative pieces in straight.. ;) .. Cold Process.


My calendula facial soap! Cold Process.


My lavender soap. Using plain lavender was a bit boring, so I crafted a “perfume” with base and top notes around it, using essential oils. It contains a tad of patchouli and geranium, other than lavender and lavandine. Hot Process. The color did a very funky thing during cooking. First grey, then very greenish, now almost too violet.



And my only individually poured soap is the “Coal & the Gang” facial soap with sage tea, activated charcoal, sea salt and other goodies.


This one I dubbed “aleppo style”, since it contains only olive oil and fat laurel extract. Still on the curing rack for a couple more months.. Castile soap just takes that long. Hot Process.


This one is my rose hips’ter soap, containg rose hip oil. I did the recipe as cold process a while ago but wasn’t happy with the way the colors turned out. So I cubed that batch up and added it to a batch of the same soap that I HP’d. Since the colors of the CP cubes were very intense I just added some rose clay to the HP  batch. It’s a very nice shade of rose, which you can’t really tell in that picture.


And the Goat Milk/Honey/Oatmeal soap.. Mum loves the smell.


And some of the soap already wrapped.


I don’t wrap in plastic, because I try to keep my ingredients as natural as possible.. Suffocating the soaps in shrink wrap would then be just stupid. :)

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