Monate: November 2013

Craft Fair(y) 2013

The craft fair weekend has come and gone. It all started with getting my soaps and decorations into our historic town hall. I had put all of the soaps into one laundry basket. Which made said laundry basket too heavy for one person to carry. Even with my mum helping it still was really heavy. […]

Soaping: Some of my soaps for the craft fair

I started soaping again just for family.. But my father suggested that I should show my “art” at a local crafts fair. So that’s what I’ll be doing next week! More Info about the event itself here: But back to the soaps. Some of the pictures are awful, because of bad lighting. Usually I […]

Genusstreffen Würzburg 2013

Wie auch schon 2011 fand dank des tollen Organisationsteams, bestehend aus Simone, Noémi und Werner, wieder ein Genusstreffen in Würzburg statt. Das Essen in der Osteria Trio war mal wieder phänomenal. Daher lasse ich einfach meine Bilder sprechen. :) Entrées Polenta mit sizilianischer Caponata. Obwohl ich sonst kein großer Fan von Rosinen in pikanten Gerichten […]

Saturday Sweets: Schwarzwälder Kirschtörtchen

Wie vor zwei Jahren fand auch dieses Jahr wieder ein Genussbloggertreffen in Würzburg statt. @Nullmedium und @Dillspitzen nahmen teil.. Und ich brachte wieder ein Dessert mit. Jeder liebt Schwarzwälder Kirsch! (Also zumindest so ziemlich jeder. Und die anderen.. What is wrong with you?!) .. Das Rezept ist mehr oder weniger improvisiert, da ich das Rezept […]

Showcase: Orange is the new Black

I love that show! Has anyone here seen it yet? If you don’t know what OitnB means, please refer to our ever-trusted source of information: The allmighty Wikipedia! But this post does not really have anything to do with this TV show. Except that it’s about the color orange. Yesterday I went into a frenzy, […]